Lights & Sound Management

Lights and Sound Management

Lights and Sound Management built great experiences and relationships in the entertainment industry is it with event managing, DJ, sound and lighting setups. You choose only your favorite song and we manage all the light and sound system involves the use of lasers with music and narration to create a story right in front of you or just have lights moving to the beat of your favorite songs. We will help you with choosing what you want. We are the best Lights and Sound Management  Company in Jaipur and we provide all events management and wedding planner service in Jaipur.

Lights and Sound Management  Company in Jaipur

You can choose to have your story told with lights, narration, and music.  You can have your DJ play your favorite song and have the lights dance to the beat as you stir up a storm on the dance floor. Parinay Sutra also organized the Live Concerts, we expert in Lights and Sound Management Company in Jaipur system for adjusting and setting up the whole event in front of thousands of peoples. We have also complimented these capabilities with Lights and Sound Management Company in Jaipur. We use High-quality Lighting & Sound equipment according to the requirement of the event and the budget.

Lights and Sound Management Company in Jaipur

There is the number of option for event lighting and sound system. Lighting can make or break a mood, draw attention to viewers in front of you. Poor-quality sound can easily spoil your event, so we check all the instruments before presented an audience. It may happen the best impression create when your sound lighting system is perfectly good. We arranged also the band music group so that event is successfully rocking. Top-quality speakers, amplifiers, microphones, and mixers will ensure clarity of sound, even at high volume. We have a Best Lights and Sound Management Company in Jaipur.

We use some lighting such as:

  • Martin intelligent lights such as Mac 250+, 300, 500
  • Profiles and Flood Lights
  • Lighting Boards
  • Mirror Balls, smoke machines
  • Stands, tri-lite, and multicores
  • Plasma screens, LED Lights Screens
  • Basic white lighting, Stage lighting, and colored lights.

And some sound instructions we have presented are:

  • Vocal, rifle, lectern, & specialist instruments.
  • Backline equipment, Pioneer DJ Kits, coms, snakes, and cables.
  • Speaker System, Amplification, Microphones, Audio Mixing.
  • Live Band Sound, hand Held etc.

The Parinay Sutra team has been built with you in mind, you can meet our experienced management team members, we are always happy to help and would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you your event needs.